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Dear Lewis,

I recently found your website and was interested in your genealogy page... My husband John Lee Hammon is the great-great-grandson of Daniel Hammon brother of James Hammond.

The Daniel Hammon family dropped the D when they moved to Conneautville Pa. According to a letter written by John's grandfather Wendell P Hammon, the d was dropped, but no further explanation. According to his niece, who we met in the 1960s, it was because some members of the family joined another religious group other than the Baptist faith that was followed by Daniel's family. There were 10 children in Daniel's family. My husband's line comes from Marshall Myron Hammon son of Daniel.

Daniel was married (1800) to Sylvia Talbot of Killingly Ct. Sylvia's family go back to Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower. [But if Daniel was the brother of James, born 1794, is it likely that Daniel was married in 1800?]

Edwin Robinson is a descended of John Hammond (son of Thomas and Patience) He lives near Foster R I. If you like I will put you in touch with him. Thomas' home is still standing today.

From reading your website, I assume you live on the East Coast.

John's grandfather migrated to California in the 1870s. He became a nursery man. He sold nursery stock to the farms for family orchards. He later developed a gold dredger to dredge the rivers for gold. His story is on line, just google his name. There were several bios written about him. The one that was most interesting to me mentioned that his family were instrumental in shipping horses to American from Scotland in the early 1700s. I would like to know more about this venture. WPH was involved with over 100 corporations as founder or controller. When we were told that he was involved with 100 corporations, we said yea! Well we did find them.

John and I have research WPH for the last 15 years. We have been to many libraries, county clerks’ offices, state libraries, etc. We have about 15 binders, plus what is on our computers of information for a book. But neither one of us is a writer, maybe one of our grandchildren will do the deed.

On your genealogy, you gave Thomas a middle initial. Our records show no initial. Middle names did not come about until the 1800s. There is a Thomas H Hammond, on Ancestry, but was born in the 1800s and was in the civil war, whether he as related, I do not know.

Speaking of Ancestry.com, I use them only for information. I have not put my info on line.

My breakthrough in genealogy was when I met Newman Hall (2nd cousin to John) on line is 1997. Newman's grandmother (Frances) was a sister to WP Hammon. I found him on the Stone Family Ass website. Of Marshall's 4 children, France's branch of the family stayed on the east coast. The other two children followed WPH to California. On the Stone website is a copy of Alice Hammond's Bible information. I have a certified copy of it. If you would like a copy I could send or email it to you.

According to the Stone website, Thomas had a twin sister Mary who married Peter Stone.

John and I have three sons. Our oldest Tom (1962) Spencer (1965) and Marshall (1971). We have 4 grandchildren. Our two oldest started college this fall. Jane is premed at Cal Poly and Niklas is an engineering major at UC Irvine. Jane chose Cal Poly, because of their marching band and that her grandfather graduated from there. Why Nik chose UC Irvine, I will have to ask him other than it is close to the beach for surfing. Our other two grandsons are 16 and 14, what fun it has been to watch them grow in to adulthood.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Roberta Hammon


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Dear Jim,

This is the information that Newman Hall put together for the Stone Family Ass.org. If you have not visited it, it is very interesting especially what has been written about Buscott who was the father in law to Hugh Stone,Great Grandfather of Alice Stone Hammon(d). I tried to send it as an attachment, but could not get it to work; so I copied and pasted.

Georgianna Hammon was John's Aunt.

The Daniel Hammon family removed the D from all of the entries that had kept the D.

I will send you another email with a photo the Thomas Home in Foster.



1 May 1998

The Alice Stone Family Bible

Newman A. Hall

Thomas Hammon of Cranston, RI was born 5 June 1737. According to a note in the Alice Stone Family Bible his father and uncle were seamen who settled in Rhode Island apparently about the time of the birth of Thomas Hammon. There is no record of either of these two brothers or of the place of birth of Thomas. He was just nineteen years old when his first child, John Hammon, was born 30 Nov 1756

The first wife of Thomas Hammon was Patience Stone, daughter of Peter Stone and Patience Printing. She died after the birth of her son, John Hammon. Her sister, Alice Stone, then became the second wife of Thomas Hammon and her first child, Phebe, was born 14 Aug. 1763. There is no record for the dates of marriage for these two wives.

In addition to the two daughters, Patience and Alice, Peter Stone also had a son, Peter, whose wife was Mary Hammon by whom he had twelve children. Mary Hammon was also born 5 June 1737. The first child of Peter and Mary, Mary, was born 1 Jan 1754 when. Mary was only sixteen years old. The circumstance of Thomas and Mary Hammon both born on the same date having their first child in their teens suggests that they probably had been living in the Peter Stone household and may have been left there for care by their own parents.

A record of the family of Thomas Hammon was set down in a family Bible which belonged to his second wife, Alice Stone. A note on the back of the title page of the New Testament has the following inscription: "Alice Hammon hur Bible Bought in Philadelphia in the year AD 1805 - price 5 dollars. And after my decease I give this Bible to my son Daniel Hammon. Wrote by John Hammon my son".

The Bible by her direction was handed down to her youngest son, Daniel, and in turn to his youngest son, Daniel Hammon Jr. It survived until 1914 when it was last known to have been in the possession of a great grandson, Glen Hammon of Chicago, son of Daniel Jr. Apparently this Bible was used by the son, Daniel, for his own family record since there is no evidence that he had his own family Bible. His son, Daniel Jr., however did make a transcription of this record into his Bible. This second Bible survived in part having been incorporated into a family history scrap book until 1953. This scrapbook has since been discarded. In 1885 Daniel Jr. gave a family Bible as a wedding present to his son, Glenn Milton Hammon and his wife. Dr. Glenn Hammon then copied a full record from the Daniel Jr. Bible. This Bible survives. Both of the subsequent Bibles contained new material pertaining to later families not entered into the Alice Stone Bible.

In 1911 Georgiana K. Hammon of San Francisco, a great grand daughter of Daniel Hammon Sr. engaged the services of Edward A. Claypool, a professional genealogist of Chicago, to examine the Alice Stone Bible then in the possession of Dr. Glenn Hammon and prepared a certified copy. This together with the Glenn Hammon Bible and notes taken from the Daniel Hammon Bible scrapbook are the basis for the present Record.

There are entries for births and deaths only. Those made by Alice Stone appear first followed by those made by her son, Daniel. Entries with an asterisk were made by Daniel Hammon. Section within brackets, [], were torn from the original and replaced with information from the Daniel Hammon Bible. It appears that the data was originally on three pages as noted.

Alice Stone Family Bible Entries
Thomas Hammon was Born June the 5 A.D. 1737 on the first day of the week.
Alice Hammon his wife July the 30 1738 on the first day of the week
John Hammon the 30 day of November A.D. 1756 on Tuesday.
Phebe Hammon the 14 of August A.D. 1763 on the first day of the week.
Ama Hammon the 7 of April A.D. 1765 the first day of the week.
[Joseph Hammon born March A.D. 1767]
Lydia Hammon the 25 of November 1768 on Friday
Moley Hammon the 23 day of December 1770 on the first day of the week
James Hammon the 22 of October A.D. 1772 on Thursday
Daniel Hammon June the 14 1777 on Saturday
Nancy Hammon the 7 of January on Monday A.D. 1782
Thomas Hammon Died on Thursday the 24 of March 1814
Betsy Hammon Died on Thursday the 29 of April 1813
*Alice Hammon [wife of Thoma]s Hammon [died] on Friday [the ] of May 1826
Peter Stone in Cranston on Monday the 17 of February A.D. 1783 in the 85th year of his age.
Patience Stone wife of Peter Stone died in April 1st A.D. 1760 in the Sixtieth year of her age.
*[Hiram H.] Hammon Died [July] the 7 1840 on Tuesday [age 50 years] 1 m.9 days
*Daniel Ham[mon] Died [Feb. 20th 18]46 on Friday [age 68 yr, 8 m, ] 6 d.
*James Hammon son of Thomas Hammon and his wife, died the 8th day of April A.D. 1783 in the 11th year of his age.
*Daniel Hammon the son of Thomas Hammon was Born June the 14, 1777 on Saturday.
*Silvey Hammon his wife was Born the 27 of February A.D. 1778.
*Betsy Hammon the 14 of October A.D. 1800 on Tuesday.
*Dexter Hammon the 27 of October on Tuesday, A.D. 1801
*Williston R. Hammon the first day of February on Thursday 1804.
*Polly Hammon the 29 of May on Saturday A.D. 1806.
*James Hammon was Born February the 29 A.D. 1808 on Sunday.
*Hiram H. Hammon was Born the 29 of May A.D. 1810 on Tuesday
*Marshall M. Hammon was Born Au[gust] the 31 A.D. 1813
*Marcus T. H[ammon] was Born [15 of October] A.D. 1815
*Charles. H[ammon] was Born [26 of May A.D.] 1817
*Daniel H[ammon was] Born M[ay the 20 A.D. 1820]
* * * * * * *
The following are family group records for Peter Stone, Thomas Hammon and Daniel Hammon, all of which relate to the Alice Stone Family Bible.

Peter Stone of Cranston son of Peter Stone and Elizabeth Shaw and grandson of Hugh Stone and Abigail Busicot was born 22 Oct 1698 on his father’s home in Warwick (later Cranston). He inherited this land which was passed on to his oldest son, Peter, and raised his family there where he died about 1783 ([1]). His wife, Patience Printing, whose origin is unknown, died in Cranston 1 April 1760, aged 60 years. They were married in Providence 20 Jan 1725/6 and had two sons and three daughters:
I Elizabeth born ca 1727 died p 1783 [2]
married Jeremiah Angell [3]
ii. Peter born 20 May 1729 died Aug 1785 [4]
married1 est 1753 Mary Hammon [5]
married2 24 Mch. 1776 Patience Hudson
iii. Samuel born ca 1733 died ca 1810 [6]
married 7 June 1756 Mary Blanchard [7]
iv. Patience born ca 1735 died est 1760
married est 1755 Thomas Hammon
v. Alice born 30 July 1738 died May 1826 [8]
married est 1762 Thomas Hammon

Thomas Hammon born 5 June 1737 may have grown up in the household of his father-in-law Peter Stone. He married successively both of the youngest two daughters. The dates of these marriages can only be estimated. Also the dates of birth and death of the first wife, Patience can only be estimated. His second wife, Alice, was born in Cranston, RI 20 July 1736. About 1800 he moved with his family to Killingly, Ct and a few years later to Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY where he died 24 March 1814. His wife, Alice, later moved with her youngest son, Daniel, to Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY where she died in May 1826
By first wife
i. John born 30 Nov 1756 died ca 1841
married 1 10 Feb. 1782 Martha Cole
married 2 16 Oct. 1815 Sarah Hoxie
By second wife
ii. Phebe born 14 Aug 1763 died a 1800
married 26 Oct. 1786 Stephen Wilcox
iii. Amy born 7 Apr 1765 died
married Nathan Wood
iv. Joseph born Mch 1767 died
v. Lydia born 25 Nov 1768 died
married 30 Oct. 1794 Lucius Miller
vi. Molly born 23 Dec 1770 died
married 10 Dec. 1789 Noah Hopkins
vii. James born 22 Oct 1772 died 8 Apr 1783
died age 10 years
viii. Thomas born 5 Mch 1775 died 14 May 1846
married 1 Nov 1795 Susanna Place
ix. Daniel born 14 June 1777 died 20 Feb 1846
married 14 Oct. 1800 Sylvia Talbot
x. Nancy born 7 Jan. 1782 died

Daniel Hammon, the youngest son of Thomas Hammon and Alice Stone was born 14 June 1777 in Foster, RI. A year or so before 1800 most of the Hammon family moved to Killingly, CT where Thomas married Sylvia Talbot, born in Killingly 27 Feb. 1778, daughter of Benjamin Talbot and Margaret Richmond from Dighton, MS. By 1803 Daniel moved to Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY where most of his children were born. He then moved on to Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY and finally to Conneautville, Crawford Co., PA. He died there 20 Feb. 1846 and his wife, Sylvia, 17 Oct. 1863. There were ten children all born in Sherburne, NY
i. Elizabeth born 14 Oct 1800 died 29 Apr 1813
ii. Dexter born 27 Oct 1801 died 17 Jan 1852
married est 1823 Celinda Davenport
iii. Williston born 1 Feb 1804 died Apr 1847
probably unmarried
iv. Polly born 29 May 1806 died 3 Jan 1856
married Reuben Hyde
v. James born 29 Feb 1808 died
possibly married
vi. Hiram H born 29 May 1810 died 7 July 1840
married ca 1834 Maria Power
vii. Marshall Miron born 31 Aug 1813 died 2 Nov 1881
married ca 1846 Harriet Sophia Cooper
viii. Marcus F born 15 June 1815 died 16 Aug 1867
married est 1838 Elizabeth Power
ix. Charles A born 26 May 1817 died 17 Aug 1867
married 11 June 1840 Alvina Jane Foster
x. Daniel born 20 May 1820 died 27 Dec 1895
married 20 May 1847 Adeline Fisher


[1]. Freeman, Providence 1753. Will dated 15 May 1773, proved 8 Apr. 1783, Cranston RI Probate Bk 2 p 387-388. Sons Peter Stone Jr., Samuel Stone; daus Elizabeth Angel, Alse Hammon. (Note that this will lists daughter, Alice Hammon, and not daughter, Patience, who had died earlier.)
[2]. Listed in will of husband dated 1783. Stone Genealogy states: "no children".
[3]. Scituate Wills, v1 p 538, Will dated 25 Mch 1783 rec 10 Jan 1786. Mentions: Wife Elizabeth Angell who received all the goods and furniture that she brought to me with her; previous wife, Abigail. By first wife; sons: Andrew, Joseph, Job, Daniel; daughters: Mary Cook, Freelove Ralph, Lydia Mathewson.
Note, Freelove Ralph was widow of David Ralph son of Thomas and grandson of Samuel Ralph and Mary Stone daughter of Hugh Stone
[4]. Freeman, Providence 1755. Will dated 6 Aug. 1785, proved 20 Aug. 1785, Cranston RI Probate Bk 2 p 443-445. Wife Patience; sons Peter, Amos, John, Whipple, Andrew, Hopkins; daus Patience, Phebe, Mehitable, Deliverance, Freelove. Four young children Mary, Eseck, Sally, Welcome to live with their mother.
[5]. Cranston, RI VR "died 22 Mch. 1775 aged 37y, 9m", 17d, i.e. born 5 June 1737. Note that she was born the same day as Thomas Hammon, the husband of her two sisters-in-law, Patience and Alice. This circumstance strongly implies that they were twins - brother and sister.
[6]. Cranston, RI Probate Bk 2 p 90-93. Will dated 3 Oct. 1804 proved 24 Feb. 1810. Mentions: wife Mary; sons James, Samuel, Edmund, Nathaniel, Rufus and Thomas; daus Almy Potter wife of Peter Potter and 2 unnamed wives of William Hill and Thomas Hill fathers of grandchildren; grandson Edmund Stone son of Edmund; Three grandchildren Alce Hill and Mary Hill daus of Wm and Jonathan Hill son of Thomas.
[7]. Cranston VR. Dau of Timothy Blanchard,
[8]. Alice does not occur in the list of the children of Peter and Patience Stone as given in the Stone Family Genealogy. This record only gives one wife, Patience, and two children. John and Phebe. However the will of Peter Stone gives daughter, Alse, and not Patience. Furthermore the record of Thomas Hammon in the Hammon Family Bible lists only his wife, Alice. Following the birth of the first child, John, which could not have been a child of Alice because of the date and age, there is a gap of several years before the next child which indicates there having been a first and a second wife.
The name Alice Stone appears in the records of the descendants of Thomas as they appear in the Franklin Cornell family records at Cornell University.


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This is just one of many bios that were written about WP.

Successful American 1903 Vol 7 part 1 page 500


Pioneer of Dredger Mining on the Pacific Coast, and a Representative Engineer.

WENDELL PHILUCIUS HAMMON was born May 23, 1854, at Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and is a son of Marshall M. Hammon and Harriet S. (Cooper) Hammon. His father was a contractor and builder, and the family, which is of Scotch descent, is an old American one, having been among the earliest settlers in New England. Prior to coming to America, Mr. Hammon's ancestors on his father's side were engaged in the importation of horses to America, and were the pioneers in this business. On his mother's side, Mr. Hammon is descended from an old Vermont family, and his uncle, William P. Cooper, was one of the founders of the Spencerian system of writing.

The subject of this sketch received his educational training in the public schools of Western Pennsylvania, and engaged at an early age in fruit growing in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. In 1875 he came to California and settled in Oakland, engaging in fruit growing and the nursery business, lie was one of the pioneers in the fruit industry in California, and had much to do with its up building. He owned nurseries in Oakland. Niles and Temescal, and later at Rio Bonito, in Butte County, California. For twenty-two years Mr. Hammon was prominent as a fruit grower and nurseryman, and was a leading authority on California fruits and how to grow them, but having always been more or less interested in mining enterprises, he, in 1896, disposed of most of his holdings in the nursery and fruit-growing lines and has since devoted himself entirely to his mining enterprises. He it was that conceived the idea of river-dredging, and his first effort was the development of the Feather River Gold dredging fields operating Oroville, in Butte County. California. Gold dredging is now one of the principal mining industries of California, and to Mr. Hammon's credit it may be truthfully stated that he has built up from a country that was considered thoroughly worked out from a mining standpoint a most important wealth-producing enterprise. In Butte County, where the mining industry had been practically abandoned for twenty-five years, are now the leading gold-dredging fields of the world. Air. Hammon is General Manager of the Boston and Oroville Mining Company, which operates three dredges; General Manager of the Boston and California Dredging Company, which operates two dredges; General Manager of the Boston Machine Shop Company, which owns and operates the largest machine-shop business in Northern California; one of the largest stockholders in the Feather River Exploration Company, which operates five dredges: Director of the Kio Ora Gold Dredging Company, which operates one dredge; General Manager of the Bear River Mining Company, which operates two dredges near Wheatland, California, and General Manager of the Yuba Consolidated Dredging Company, which promises to be one of the most important dredging properties in the State. All the above enterprises, excepting the last two mentioned, are operating in the Feather River gold-dredging fields at Oroville, Butte County, California, and are producing over $100,000 per month or more than $1,000,000 annually. Mr. Hammon is not only the pioneer in gold river dredging, but is also the leading operator in the country. The river bed is dredged to the floor of the gravel deposits, and in these deposits is found the river float gold dust. Besides his mining enterprises, Mr. Hammon is still interested in the fruit business in Butte County.

Mr. Hammon is a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, the California Miners' Association, and is a prominent Mason, Knight Templar and Shriner. He belongs to the Bohemian Club, of San Francisco.

In 1881 Mr. Hammon was married to May Augusta Kenney of Placerville, California, daughter of Ephraim Kenney, one of the pioneer mining men of California, who settled in Placerville in 1849. They have three children, Miss Georgie, Wendell, and Glenn Hammon.