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Conversations With Great Thinkers:
The Classics For People Too Busy To Read Them
by L. James Hammond
李慎之序言Preface by Li Shenzhi
第一章:哲学1. Philosophy
第二章:文学2. Literature
第三章:教育3. Education
第四章:伦理4. Ethics
第五章:宗教5. Religion
第六章:心理学6. Psychology
第七章:天才7. Genius
第八章:政治8. Politics
第九章:语言9. Language
第十章:杂感10. Sundry Thoughts
第十一章:生死本能11. Life- and Death-Instincts
第十二章:衰朽与复兴12. Decadence and Renaissance
人名表Glossary of Names
作者简介About the Author
封面Title Page
About L. James Hammond
Publications - Books:
  • Conversations With Great Thinkers: The Classics for People Too Busy to Read Them (Amazon - - -, Noontide Press (see cover)
  • Realms of Gold: A Sketch of Western Literature, in Chinese only (New Century Publishing, Taiwan, 2002, see cover)
  • Chinese translation of Conversations With Great Thinkers published by

Publisher PlaceSee Cover
New Century Publishing Taiwan here
Chung Hwa Book Co.,(H.K.) Ltd. Hong Kongsame as previous
China Film Press (Zhong-guo Dian-ying Chu-ban-shi) Beijinghere
China Literature Association Press (Zhong-guo Wen Lian Chu-ban-shi) Beijing here

Publications - Articles:
  • Two articles in Reading (Dushu), a magazine based in Beijing (August, 1992 and September, 1992)
  • One article in Hibiscus (Furong), a magazine based in Changsha, Hunan (1993, 5th issue)
  • One article in Prose and People (Sanwen Yu Ren), a magazine based in Canton (3rd issue, published in 1994)
  • Two articles in Reading Widely, Many Books (Bo Lan Qun Shu), a magazine based in Beijing (1996, March and April issues)
  • One article in The Ever Reader, the online magazine of the Shakespeare Oxford Society (winter 1996)